"Really? Water bottle on the floor? Is that how they do it these days?"



"Very disappointing. People these days take is so far that it's no longer music. [...] Ornamentation needs to grow organically from the structure/character of the piece. One cannot just play whatever they want."  



"A parody of Bach, why?"



"Bruno probably would have won if he had come up with more traditional interpretations rather than feeling the need to be radically different. [...]  This might actually surprised many people. Music isn't as subjective as many might think. You cannot just do what you want. There are certain fundamental rules that everyone needs to follow. 99.999% of players out there, even at this level, are violating many rules. Professionals can hear the mistakes because they stand out like a sore thumb. Some artists feel the need to be radically different in order to hide their fundamental flaws." 



"Rather not in style."



"Y u breath everybar"



"Why does such beautiful and good flutist play such a ugly piece of music?"



"He does some weird stuff"



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